We Don’t Need Another HD Remake! [SS Opinions #2]

Recently, Nintendo has been giving us a lot, and I mean a LOT of remakes of old games. It started with Super Mario 64 DS, which the added content in it mad it a legitimately fun and new experience, but now we’re getting Zelda remakes stuffed down our throats!  First Ocraina of Time 3D, then Wind Waker HD, and now there are pretty strong rumors about Majora’s Mask 3D!  I think it just needs to stop before it gets out of control.

Don’t get me wrong, remaking a game for a new system and rereleasing it is a great idea to get younger audiences immersed in classic franchises, but if you’re gonna do it, please do it right.  Bringing Earthbound to Virtual Console was a fantastic idea, really one of the best Nintendo has had for reintroduction in a looooong time.  But the point of remaking a classic title is to get those people to want to explore the other ones in the series, not just spending a crap ton of money on remaking the entire game series! It’s just really annoying to see them do this, when they could give us something else instead like, oh, I don’t know, A NEW ZELDA GAME!

Anyways, I hope we don’t just get another remake, but if we do, watch the moon at night…



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