The Poké Market Crash of 2013 [SS Opinions #4]

Watch out Pokémon fans, looks like the Pokémon Bank won’t be hitting North American and European shores on December 27.

Looks like Nintendo released Pokémon Bank in Japan on Christmas, and it didn’t end well.  Due to the internet overload of so many new Wii U and 3DS systems connecting to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Network on Christmas day, server issues have been persistent throughout for all users.  Most people cannot even connect to the eShop, and those who can get iffy service at best.

Now, I think it was NOT a smart idea for Nintendo to launch the Pokémon Bank in Japan on Christmas.  They should have known they would already be having to deal with slow servers following the first-time boot-ups of so many new Wii Us and 3DSs, and trying to manage a whole new slew of them in a new app proved to be too much for them to handle.  It just frustrates me because a worldwide launch on December 27 would probably have saved the service for everyone.  Now we wait for further details on the status of this highly-anticipated service.



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