Nintendo’s Murky Future: Combo-Console Possibilities? [SS Opinions #6]

In the near future, the heads of Nintendo will sit down and have to discuss the future of their company.  With the successes of the 3DS and 2DS, and the not-so-much-success of the Wii U, Nintendo will have a tough decision to make: What’s next? Sure, many people probably have some sort of obvious answer, like “Make another console more awesome than Wii U so it sells” or something invalid of that sort. Others are saying Nintendo should join the iOS market, or just pull a SEGA and start making games only. But what I think is the most interesting and sensible pitch was given by James Brightman over at GamesIndustry, which, if you haven’t read the article, you should do that quickly by clicking here. Done? Well, let’s get on with what I have to say about this.

I think that what Brightman argues for is a really cool idea, but there are issues with it.  First off, not all the games would transfer well between a home console and a handheld.  Franchises have thrived off certain consoles, like Pokemon on handhelds, and the 3D Mario games on home consoles, so putting them on the opposite console type might cause some quirks.  Also, how would you bring something the size of a Wii U GamePad easily on the go? And one of the users in the comments brings up a good point; Nintendo would probably have to go all-digital to do such a setup, which is highly unlikely to happen from them.

However, a lot of positives come out of this setup, too.  Games from franchises like Kirby and Donkey Kong would be great on either platform, and would thrive on a combo-console.  Plus, having a digital library would allow Nintendo to save some money due to not having to create discs, and there’s no danger of it getting scratched or broken.  That will save a lot of money in the pockets of both Nintendo and us, the consumers, alike.

I think that a combined console setup is cool, and Brightman definitely has a plausible idea going on here.  Sure, it has its flaws, but they can be figured out by Nintendo.  But in the end, it’s up to the head honchos over in Japan to decide what Nintendo’s future plan will be.  And whatever it is, we’ll be waiting for it.



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