Nintendo’s Murky Future: Is iOS The Answer? [SS Opinions #7]

So one solution being thrown around to Nintendo’s current issues is the topic I discussed in the last SS Opinions, which is a combination-console where it’s both a home console AND a handheld.  But some are saying there’s a more immediate answer that could help Nintendo, and that is diving into the smartphone game market.

Now, I personally think this would NOT be the answer in any way, shape, or form to Nintendo’s current situation, but some apparently do, so I’ll delve into how they could possibly pull it off.

First off, they should not EVER think that putting a Mario or Zelda title on the iTunes store will be a good idea, because it isn’t.  What kind of games that could possibly thrive on there would be the spinoff titles, such as Mario vs. Donkey Kong or Pokemon Trozei!, titles that already are purely touch-based games on the DS. However, people would have to keep in mind that the quality of a smartphone game is always worse than a DS game, no matter how good they make the game.

And now for the much longer list of negatives. For one, releasing games on the iTunes store and Google Play would take away sales of the 3DS and 2DS due to people just saying “Well, if I can get my Nintendo games on my phone, why get a 3DS?” and stuff of that sort. Also, people would start expecting a lot less from Nintendo if they started making games for other platforms.  Making Mario vs. Donkey Kong for iOS is pretty much the same thing as putting Super Mario Galaxy on PS4. In other words, they would be betraying themselves.

So in the end, the negative FAR outweighs the positive in this situation, so all I have left to say is this: “Nintendo, please don’t listen to those people out there and don’t make iPhone games. Sincerely, SuperSharpedo.”




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