It Would Be A Snap! [Retro Revival #1]

Did you ever play Pokemon Snap as a kid? If so, you probably remember how amazing the game was, despite its out-of-left-field concept. It was really enjoyable, and a great way to pass time.  But Nintendo has never made a sequel to it, despite fan clamoring for one for years now.  And all the technology to make the perfect sequel is right in front of Nintendo’s faces.

I mean, look at the Wii U GamePad.  The thing was built to be the frame for the next Pokemon Snap!  If you’ve ever used the Wii Street U application, you know that you can look around on the streets through the GamePad screen, so why not take that technology and put it in a Pokemon Snap sequel? You could have somewhere between 10 and 12 unique level locations, and have most of the Pokemon available to photograph.  But then, (and here’s the kicker,) there would be a 3DS version to go with it.

The 3DS game would have most of the same levels, with maybe one of two different ones, but the Pokemon in the game would be the ones that didn’t appear in the Wii U version.  Therefore, you could essentially “snap ’em all” between the two versions. The Wii U version would cost a mere $40, while the 3DS one would be $20. So technically, buying both would be the same price as a Wii U game, but you get the extra cross-console connections. Oh, and of course, you would be able to share photos between the 3DS title and Wii U title, as well as on Nintendo Network.

So what do you guys think? Would a Pokemon Snap 2 be a must, or a bust? Let me know in the comments. Anyways, there’s my idea for a retro revival. Check back next week for another “brilliant” idea from the mind of SuperSharpedo.



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