It’s Been Awhile

Hello anyone reading this, whether it be the day I post this or years later. First off, I’d just like to apologize for my complete absence from this blog. Much like Twilight Princess, I have started it and then just didn’t come back due to being so busy with…well, life. But I want to put that behind me, and start fresh, much like a new game file.

Much like this blog, the Let’s Play channel of the same name has been desolated. This I blame on the fact my old laptop broke down, and I lacked a way to record or upload for several months. The good news: I do have one more episode to share from before that mishap (which I will link at the bottom of this post), but I’m still trying to get Pinnacle to work with my new MacBook, so I ask for a little more patience on that front.

I did actually stick to my New Year’s resolution of last year, trying Fire Emblem Awakening (although, I started it on December 31st, but that’s beside the point) and have reached the final chapter, loving every minute of it. I’ve put a bit of time into Bayonetta 2 as well, but there’s still a ways to go before I finish that one. But man, is that a fantastically underrated game.

I have a new confession for you all; the Amiibo bug his bitten me and bitten me good. I’ve got 13 in my possession right now, with 4 more from Wave 3 on the way (and a Pit). I think it’s the fact that they’re Smash Bros. trophies in real life that makes me want them so damn much. It started as “Get the characters I main,” but quickly evolved into “Must. Collect. All. Amiibo.” So there’s that sucking my wallet dry now as well.


So I guess I’ll put a late New Year’s Resolution for 2015 here, and hope this one gets fulfilled a bit faster than last year’s, and that is to stick to this blog. I honestly love doing this, but there’s only so many hours in a day, and so many days in a year where you really have to choose what truly matters to you and what you want to continue doing. And I’m making the choice right now to stick with this blog as long as I can manage. So here’s to 2015 being the best year yet, and many more prosperous years ahead.

(And here’s that video I promised 🙂 )



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